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About Jones & Associates Business Brokers: We have helped people buy and sell businesses in Florida since 1986. Are you looking for a business for sale or looking to sell a business? If so give us a call, our experienced staff has helped hundreds of buyers & sellers achieve their goals. We try to treat each person the way we would like to be treated and find that this philosophy works very well for our sellers and buyers. Specializing in North Florida small businesses for sale we also have several thousand business opportunities all over the state as you will see when you view our Business Search Web Form. We strive to maintain an excellent reputation in our industry and our community. We smooth the way to a pleasant closing by helping to solve many of the problems inherent to buying or selling a business. At Jones & Associates, our motto is, "If we don't have what you want, we will help you find it!" We are members in good standing with the Better Business Bureau, Florida Cooperating Business Brokers Assoc, Business Brokers of Florida, International Business Brokers Assoc, Chamber of Commerce, Merger Networks, and many other affiliations.

Confidentiality: Business owners feel safer listing their business with us because we are paranoid about confidentiality. Since we allow no pictures of our associates to be published our sellers don't need to worry that their employees and customers will know who we are or what we do.

Potential sellers know that their business will not be disrupted during the selling process. This also assures the buyer of a stable business at the time of closing.

We are Non Representation Brokers: This means that we can fairly help both buyer and seller without bias.  This also means that we bear total legal responsibility for our own actions and neither buyer nor seller can be held legally accountable for any errors or omissions the broker may make. When a broker acts as the agent for one party or the other, the party the broker represents can be held legally responsible for actions of the broker. 

Search: Florida Business Listings for Sale If you need more information than what is provided by the links below, please fill out our Non-Disclosure Agreement and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.


Please give us a call or send an email for friendly, professional help with selling or buying a business. We are easy to find and have plenty of parking as we are located in the Bank of America Building, Suite 200, 2815 NW 13th Street, Gainesville, Florida.

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